Group visits should be scheduled by telephone or fax using the Group Visit Request Form. You will receive written confirmation of your scheduled visit. During the school year we give priority to school groups between the hours of 10:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. Please call ahead to inquire about availability.

Group Rates
(Minimum of 20 persons required to qualify for these rates)


Children $1.75 each
Adults $4.75 each
(One teacher admitted free with each class)
Senior Citizens $3.75 each

A $20 deposit is required and must be received no later than two weeks prior to your scheduled visit to avoid cancellation of your reservation. The deposit is non-refundable unless notice of cancellation is received at least one week prior to the date of your visit.

If you qualify for the group rate, you will be assigned a costumed docent at no charge. There is a $25.00 fee to reserve a docent for groups of less than 20.

Your visit begins with a short walking tour of the Mill grounds where your docent will explain the importance of the dam and the workings of the mill race and waterwheel.

Next is a demonstration of the basic milling process using Miller Graue’s 160-year-old buhrstones.  Students will have a chance to try their hand at how corn was ground by Native Americans and other early cultures.

On the second and third floors volunteers in period clothing will demonstrate spinning and weaving and talk about life in Civil War days. Artifacts that illustrate the way of life during the Civil War are displayed in period room settings. 

The cellar houses the giant wooden gear system that operates the grindstone.  Your docent will give a short presentation about slavery and the Underground Railroad. Students can tour the exhibit "The Underground Railroad in DuPage County".

Although visits generally require at least one and one-half hours we will be happy to modify the length and content of your tour if you have more time to spend. We can accommodate no more than 75 students in one time slot and recommend that the students be divided into groups of 15. Please be on time for your visit as we usually have more than one group per day and wish to accommodate everyone’s schedule. If you are late we may have to shorten or eliminate some of the tour.

Our museum shop has many items suitable for children. If you plan time for students to shop please let us know. Some schools place an advance order for souvenir bags of corn meal. These contain one cup of corn meal, enough to make any of the recipes in our brochure. Cost is $2.50 per bag.

Graue Mill and Museum is located at York and Spring Roads in Oak Brook and the parking area is located just east of the mill. The Forest Preserve District maintains rest rooms at the east-end of the parking area. Picnic areas are available on the grounds and at Fullersburg Nature Center located ½ mile west of the Mill. We suggest you contact the Center in advance if you desire to reserve the picnic facilities on your scheduled visit. (630-850-8110)

Addresses Illinois State Education Goals
Early Elementary13.B.1e, 15.A.1b, 15.D.1a, 15.D.1b, 16.A.1a, 16.A.1b, 16.B.1a, 16.C.1a, 17.C.1a, 17C.1c, 18.C.1

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School/Group Name:
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Group Leader:


E-mail address:

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School/Office Telephone:
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Number of chaperones:

Amount of time group will be  able to spend at the museum:

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We try to give all groups their first choice but it is not always possible. Requests for reservations are handled as they are received.

First choice:



Time you wish tour to begin: 	 
10:00 AM Tour ends at 11:30 AM
12:00 PM Tour ends at 1:30 PM

Second choice:



Time you wish tour to begin: 
10:00 AM Tour ends at 11:30 AM
12:00 PM Tour ends at 1:30 PM

Third choice:



Time you wish tour to begin: 
10:00 AM Tour ends at 11:30 AM
12:00 PM Tour ends at 1:30 PM

Will students be allowed time in our gift shop?

If you wish to place an advance order for corn meal at $2.50 per 1 cup bag indicate the number of bags here:


Fax this completed form to (630) 920-9721 --or-- you may schedule your trip by calling the mill at (630) 655-2090 or (630) 920-9720.

You will receive written confirmation of your visit.

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